da Vinci Surgery

Did you know that Dr. Doty-Armstrong is one of the most experienced robotic surgeons in Northwest Ohio?


Dr. Carmen Doty-Armstrong has performed hundreds of robotic surgeries using the da Vinci Surgical System at Blanchard Valley Hospital, and is a top rated gynecological robotic surgeon.



What is minimally invasive, robotic-assisted surgery?


Until very recently, the standard approach to many procedures was traditional surgery, which requires a large open incision to access the uterus and surrounding anatomy. For women facing gynecologic surgery, the post surgical pain, discomfort and extended recovery time that usually follow traditional surgery can cause significant anxiety. Fortunately, thanks to a breakthrough in surgical technology, there is a new type of minimally invasive surgery for which you may be a candidate.


The da Vinci Surgical System is a state-of-the-art robotic technology that offers a minimally invasive option for major surgery. Using tiny 1-2 centimeter incisions, surgeons can operate with greater percision and control, which minimizes the patients pain and risk normally associated with large incision surgeries.


Learn more about the da Vinci Surgical System. 

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